Antoine Davis on the Cusp of NCAA All-Time Scoring Record

Antoine Davis, a fifth-year senior guard at Detroit Mercy, is on the cusp of becoming the NCAA’s all-time scoring king.[0] He is just 63 points away from breaking the record of 3,667 points, set by basketball legend Pete Maravich, with his current five-year college total of 3,604 points.[1] If Davis scores 26 against Youngstown State on Thursday night, a record that’s stood for 53 years will fall.[2]

Davis has taken full advantage during his career of the three-point shot, which was not available for Maravich.[3] The college game did not incorporate it until the 1986-87 season.[3] Davis holds the NCAA career record of 588 three-pointers made.[4] On January 17, he surpassed the record of 509 3-pointers made by Wofford's Fletcher Magee (2015-19) with his 510th in a win over Robert Morris.[3]

Davis has averaged 25.4 points in his college career, nearly 20 less a game than Maravich’s NCAA record of 44.2.[2] Maravich played during a period when freshmen were not eligible, whereas Davis has played two full seasons more than him.[5]

Because of the COVID-19 waiver in 2020, Davis was given an extra year of eligibility in their sport this season, due to the missed time. In spite of everything, Davis managed to appear in 30 games during the 2019-20 season.[5] Maravich has scored his points in 60 fewer games than him.[5]

Davis had encountered criticism for his approach to achieving the record.[6] Maravich only played in 83 games across three seasons, as opposed to the 144 games and five seasons of the other player, who had the advantage of playing with a 3-point line.[6] Davis also expressed his admiration for Maravich's record.[6]

Even though Detroit Mercy has a record of 14-19, they could still potentially have one more game this season if one of the lower-level postseason tournaments is interested.[7] Mike Davis, who serves as head coach and is also Antoine's father, declared that the Titans would accept a bid if presented to them.[7]

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NCAA allowed all student-athletes an additional year of eligibility, which allowed Davis to play this season. In 1970, Maravich concluded his time at LSU.[8] When the rule was in place, first-year students were not allowed to participate, and there was no 3-point line.[5]

Maravich played during a period when freshmen were not eligible, whereas Davis has played two full seasons more than him.[5]

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