Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones’ Sexual Assault Lawsuit Revived in Texas Appellate Court

The sexual assault lawsuit against Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been revived by a Texas appellate court.[0] The original petition was filed in 2020 by an anonymous woman using the pseudonym Jane Doe, and it alleged that Jones “kissed her on the mouth and forcibly grabbed her without her consent” after a football game at AT&T Stadium in 2018.[1] Jones has denied the accusations and called them “malicious and hurtful.”[2]

The woman, now identified as [4], says the incident caused her to suffer from “severe emotional distress,” “psychological pain and suffering,” and medical expenses.[3] She is seeking more than one million dollars in damages and wants a jury trial.

The case was originally dismissed in February 2022 by a Dallas County district court, due to the lack of identifying information and details on where the incident occurred.[5] However, [4] amended her complaint, providing her initials and saying the incident happened in the Tom Landry Room at AT&T Stadium. Her attorney, Thomas Bowers, also provided her name to the defendants’ lawyer in an email before a January 2022 hearing.[6]

The appellate court's decision to reverse the dismissal says [4] “made a good faith attempt to amend her pleadings in response to the court’s special exceptions order … ” and “… the trial court abused its discretion in dismissing appellant’s claims.” She is represented by her attorney Thomas Daniel Bowers, who said: “We always knew we were going to win because the law was on our side. A victim’s finally going to get her day in court and that’s very important.”[8]

The Cowboys are also named in the lawsuit, which claims the team “knew or should have known of Jones’s misconduct.”[4] The National Football League was listed as a defendant in the original suit but is not named in the appeal.[9]

Jones is also currently in a different legal battle with a 26-year-old woman who sued him claiming he is her biological father.[9] A judge ordered him to take a paternity test in December.[5]

Several prominent personalities, including current Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence and Jones’s wife Eugenia, are named elsewhere as possible witnesses.[10] [4]

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