Eric Bieniemy Joins Washington Commanders as Offensive Coordinator and Assistant Head Coach

On Thursday, Eric Bieniemy was introduced as the new offensive coordinator and assistant head coach for the Washington Commanders.[0] This job could potentially be the springboard for his long-awaited head-coaching opportunity.[1] Bieniemy brings with him a wealth of experience from his 10-year tenure with the Kansas City Chiefs, where he won two Super Bowl championships in five years as the offensive coordinator.

Bieniemy has interviewed with 15 teams for head-coaching positions over the past five seasons, but so far, he has not been offered the job.[2] Despite this, he remains focused on his current role and is excited to be in Washington. He has already begun to shake up the coaching staff, and is looking to make the offensive line more productive with their current options.[3]

Bieniemy has the support of his team, as wide receiver Terry McLaurin said, “He brings that championship caliber with him, his ability to just win. That’s the biggest thing we want in this offense, to be explosive, to be aggressive and to be complementary, but also to have an identity, and I think he brings that. He brings that competitiveness.”

Bieniemy's ability to remain positive in the face of adversity has been noted by Ron Rivera, who himself went through the same process of interviewing for a head-coaching job multiple times before getting the opportunity.

However, Bieniemey has been met with some criticism from former Chiefs fullback Anthony McCoy, who said, “The problem is, a lot of these people that go on social media, ‘He should be the guy for the job,’ they haven’t played there. I’ve been in the rooms where he’s coaching and he has nothing to do with the pass game at all. When the plays are designed, that’s Andy Reid.”[4]

Overall, Bieniemy is determined to make a difference in Washington, and has the support of his team and his former boss, Andy Reid. While it is unknown whether he will find a head-coaching job, there is no doubt that Bieniemy will make an impact in Washington as the offensive coordinator.

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