Nick Bosa Set to Become Highest-Paid Defensive Player: 49ers Eyeing Long-Term Deal

Nick Bosa is set to become the highest-paid defensive player in the league and the San Francisco 49ers are now looking to lock him in for the foreseeable future. Bosa is the reigning Defensive Player of the Year and is currently in the fifth and final year of his rookie contract.[0] The 49ers are aiming to secure an agreement before the start of the season so that Bosa can remain with the team for the long-term.

The current highest-paid defensive player in the league is Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald, who earns over $31.6 million per year.[0] T.J. Watt of the Pittsburgh Steelers ranks second in the NFL with an annual salary of $28 million, and Joey Watt, his brother Nick's sibling, places third with an annual income of $27 million.[1]

In July of 2022, 49ers General Manager John Lynch pointed out that the Niners have traditionally waited until one year is left on a star player’s deal before beginning those conversations.[0] At the time Bosa was eligible for a contract extension last offseason, Lynch had said that talks have been very minimal regarding the edge rusher’s potential extension.

During the latest episode of “The Richard Sherman Podcast,” Bosa was asked about the possibility of convincing his brother to move from Hollywood to the Bay Area to have the two play on the same defensive line.[2] Bosa responded, “I’d love to be here for sure. This is a great organization and they treat me as good as you can, and I have amazing relationships here so hopefully, yeah.”[3]

Bosa has stated that being the highest-paid defensive player in the league was not a goal for his future contract.[1] He revealed after the club’s season came to an end that he was not worried about any impending contract talks, and is confident that his agent and the team will come to an agreement when it is time.[4]

It’s also worth noting that Bosa has one more year under contract, and the 49ers are hoping to get something done this off-season before the season begins so they can ensure that Bosa is a 49er for years to come.

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