Ravens and Jackson Must Make Crucial Decision Before Tuesday Deadline

The Baltimore Ravens have until Tuesday, March 7 to make their first major decision regarding star quarterback Lamar Jackson's future.[0] The Ravens have the option to place either the exclusive or non-exclusive franchise tag on Jackson, but it appears that the team is hoping to reach a long-term deal before the deadline. Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta has been in talks with Jackson, and both parties understand the urgency of the situation.[1]

DeCosta has not revealed which franchise tag the team will use, but the non-exclusive tag for quarterbacks is priced at $32.416 million. The Ravens and Jackson have until July 17 to reach a long-term deal if the franchise tag is applied. The team is also considering trading Jackson should a strong offer come in, as DeCosta is willing to make bold moves with key players.[2]

Reports have indicated that Jackson is seeking a fully-guaranteed contract similar to the five-year, $230 million deal the Browns signed Deshaun Watson to last offseason.[3] Jackson reportedly declined a five-year extension offer worth over $250 million with $133 million guaranteed at signing.[4]

The question remains: should Jackson hold out for a fully-guaranteed deal?[5] It is unclear what the outcome of the negotiations will be, but both sides will have to make a decision in the near future. The Ravens will have to decide whether to use the franchise tag on Jackson or risk losing him to the open market. Jackson will have to decide whether to accept the Ravens' offer or hold out for a fully-guaranteed deal.[5] Whatever the outcome, the coming weeks will be a crucial time for the Ravens and Jackson.

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