Russell Wilson Denies Requesting Firing of Carroll and Schneider, Moves to Denver Broncos

On February 25, 2023, Russell Wilson took to Twitter to deny a report from The Athletic claiming that the quarterback asked the Seattle Seahawks to fire head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider.[0] According to The Athletic, Wilson had become convinced that Carroll and Schneider were inhibiting his chances of winning additional Super Bowls and individual awards.[1]

Wilson responded to the report by tweeting: “I love Pete and he was a father figure to me and John believed in me and drafted me as well. I never wanted them fired. All any of us wanted was to win. l’ll always have respect for them and love for Seattle.”[2]

The report also suggests that Wilson had a preferred replacement for Carroll in mind: former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton, who had recently resigned from his role.[3] Sure enough, Payton was hired as Wilson's coach in Denver weeks later.[4]

Wilson's first season with the Broncos was a disaster, with the team finishing 5-12 and last in the AFC West, and Wilson having career-lows in touchdowns (16) and completion percentage (60.5).[5] The Broncos also fired first-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett after 15 games.[6]

Sources from the team stated that Hackett usually communicated the play calls to Wilson with 20-25 seconds still remaining on the 40-second play clock, which was the case in the match against Houston, leaving plenty of time.[7] It was reported that Wilson occasionally had difficulty relaying the plays quickly or gave too much advice to his teammates when in the huddle.[8]

When he was traded to the Broncos, Wilson was provided with his own office, something he didn't have while with the Seahawks.[9] Denver's facilities housed the team's coaches and executives on the second floor.[10] While Wilson was the new quarterback in town, some felt it created an off putting dynamic with the Broncos.[10]

During Wilson's inaugural year in Denver, things got a bit peculiar.[11] On Tuesdays, which is usually a rest day for everyone, Wilson not only had his own office at the Broncos' practice facility, but he expected other offensive players to join him in watching film.[11] Jake Heaps, Wilson's personal quarterback coach, would take part in these meetings even though he had no official connection to the team.[11]

The Denver Broncos traded further draft picks to bring Wilson to join Payton on their team.[4]

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